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starry-nightengale asked: Yeah hi um I really, REALLY like your Phoenix Knight AU? ...Just thought I'd letcha know that.

Thank you!  No, really.  I’m so self conscious of my art, and spend about 70% of time on tumblr convinced people are annoyed/hate/are repulsed by the various bad fan art that I post here, (the other 40% is thinking the same thing about my original characters).

Knowing there’s one or two people who actually *do* like what I draw, and are not just watching me for the lulz… it keeps me picking up the pencil.

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Con Wrap Up and Opening for Commissions?

Now that Anime Boston is over, the booth’s been packed up and taken home, I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by our table and making this year another ABSOLUTELY fabulous con.  You know it was so awesome, that Tumblr decided to post my summary post twice (oops- I guess the world needed my con boss morgicorgi of buttonmeupbuttons feeling up Sexy!Layton THAT BADLY).  We had a blast, in no small part to all the awesome people around us, likethe wonderful zillabean checking up on us and adoring us (I swear, she is the sweetest, most awesome person EVER)  and the wonderful milkdoggie who offered us magic chocolate chip cookies (or at least, I thought they were responsible for the Friday Hallucinations- that may have just been the corset tied too tight) and squeed with me over Ace Attorney.  (Also, whoever you are, Announcer Dude?  YOU ROCK)

So now that the con’s over, I’m realizing I want to get back into offering commissions to keep me sane for the rest of the year.  Something like black & white character sketches/lineart for $20, and full color characters for $40? If you’d be interested, drop me a line through tumblr, or at jidres at gmail.

Except hotforprof, because I already know she wants me to finish Professor Layton and the Puzzle Corset.  (IT WAS A WEIRD CON, OK?)

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